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Meet people for nearly any purpose

Let's do something.

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Your global meeting place

Whatever you want to do, find people who want to do it too. Because it's better that way.

Though billions call it home, this world can be a pretty lonely place. Why do we feel so separate? Why are we still unfulfilled? Where are all the people who want the same things we want?

Despite all our progress, we have not managed to create a truly global meeting place. But we can and we should. So how about a new way to meet anyone, anywhere, for almost any reason?


It's fun, easy, and free.

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Zaplings is growing.

To ensure an active community, we will begin admitting members one "mission", or reason for meeting, at a time. Whenever a mission receives enough interest to maintain an ongoing conversation, members who share that mission will be invited to connect on the platform.

This means two things. First, you can improve your chances of being among the first users of Zaplings by selecting more missions. Second, you can speed up your invitation by introducing Zaplings to friends who share your missions.

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Meet the world's top Connectors

Connectors make meaningful introductions for friends. They provide an invaluable service, yet they are seldom recognized or rewarded. It's time to change that.

Become a Gold Connector by introducing friends to Zaplings and (soon) to each other. We will then put you in touch with the community's top Connectors.

Sign up now to get your unique Connector code and be among the earliest adopters. Together we can eliminate a degree of separation around the world!